The History Of My Genealogy Search

Date Information/Event
December 23, 1997 Recieved a stack of papers from my mother that had a lot of names and data
January 2, 1998 Found a freeware program for storing genealogy data onto my Amiga Computer named Scion.
January 2, 1998 Began to enter all the information in to Scion
January 4, 1998 Finished entering the data from all the papers
January 4, 1998 Had 376 names in my data base
January 5, 1998 Begin to subscribe to several Email lists
January 8, 1998 Came in to conact with My 3rd Cousin, who was doing genealogy work too
January 1998 Spent a lot of time on the web, searching for matching names (found none)
January 1998 Posted several inquires to the Mail lists (got very little)
February 1998 More of the same
April 5,1998 Talked to my Aunt on my father's side, who sent me a book about that side of the family
April 12, 1998 Recieved The Book from my aunt.
April 16, 1998 Finished Reading and grabbing data from the book
April 18, 1998 Finished entering the newest data.
April 25, 1998 Found a GEDCOM on that matched My father's Side, YEA!!
April 26, 1998 Merged the data and completly messed up my database.
April 30, 1998 Finished re-entering the data and figured out how to merge without messing it up. 2000+ names
May 2, 1998 Attempted to set up a Home Page at my local ISP to display all this information.
May 4, 1998 Taught myself HTML, But not enough to do my Family tree!
May 5, 1998 Wrote my first Home Page.
May 6, 1998 Bought a program called Personal Roots Deluxe for My PC and Gedcommed It over to the PC.
May 9, 1998 Found out Personal Roots Deluxe only holds 3000 names!
May 10, 1998 Continued to find a few names here and there to add to my database, went back to my Amiga to enter Data.
May 1998 Continued to find names here and there.
June 17, 1998 Bought Family Tree Maker Deluxe III, And found 10000+ names on the Family Tree CD's.
June 20, 1998 Using the new feature of Family Tree Maker 4.x Family Finder Online, Found more names.
June 27, 1998 Decided NOW was the time to do a REAL Home Page.
June 28, 1998 Downloaded several programs to create HTML code and convert GEDCOMs to HTML.
June 28, 1998 Uploaded 2 Family reports to my FTM's Home Page Space.
June 29, 1998 Wrote the index page and using GED2WWW that does a great job.
June 29, 1998 Set up Tripod Home Page Space and a link from and other niceties to help find my Home Page
June 29, 1998 17500+ names in my database.
June 30, 1998 Sent the word out via the mail lists.
July 1, 1998 WOW!!!!!!! 500 Hits in a 24 hour period. and a few had new information to add to my database.
July 2, 1998 Recieved hundreds of E-Mails about my Home Page!!!!!!!!
July 3, 1998 Wrote and uploaded this page.
July 3, 1998 Corrected a few mistakes on the original index page.
July 3, 1998 Submitted My HP to Genealogy On The Web and Genealogy World Webrings
July 3, 1998 18000+ Names in my Data base, but most are sideways people. (People that are 3rd-4th cousins not going backwards)
July 3, 1998 Added My sight to Several search Engines, And Added a few links to other places
July 8, 1988 Applied To Genealogy Pages Web Ring
July 12, 1998 Recieved word that Genealogy On The Web accepted my pages were accepted.
July 1998 Continued to update and increase the database.
August 1998 Over 20300 Names in my Database.
August 7, 1998 Applied to the Harris Web Ring.
August 8, 1998 Accepted to the Harris Web Ring.
August 9, 1998 Added a Net-Minder to the "My Fallen Nuts" Page
August 11-12, 1998 Rewrote My Home Page and added several Links (more to come).
August 13, 1998 Recieved a letter From Saudi Arabia, From a half 4th cousin with some Merritt Infomation.
August 13, 1998 Recieved The Plant Your Family Tree Award.
August 13, 1998 Applied to and was accepted to a few more Webrings.
August 14, 1998 Up-loaded a new set of GED2WWW data pages.
August 15, 1998 My Site Added to the Family First Webring AND an Award From Them Too.
August 20, 1998 Created a new web ring called 'Tripod's Genealogy Pages Web-Ring
August 24, 1998 Rewrote My Home Page and Moved the Web Rings off the Main Page
August 25, 1998 Gracie's Home Page Awarded me an award
August 25, 1998 Rewrote My Pages and moved my Awards off the main page.
August 26, 1998 Nuts Unlimited Awarded me an award
August 26, 1998 Leith Hutton awarded me an award
August 26, 1998 Created a Gedcom Page, so my data can be down loaded by others.
August 27, 1998 Recieved The Family Preservation Award!
August 28, 1998 Found some more 4th/5th cousins and began to add the data. At least 1500 more names.
August 29, 1998 Recieved The Award for Genealogy Excellence from The Elisha Tree
September 1, 1998 Recieved The Charlotte's Web Genealogy Award of Excellence.

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