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Wackholz, Paul (Private-)
Waddell, Arden Elaine (Private-)
Waddell, David (WFT Est. 1881-1901-WFT Est. 1926-1987)
Waddell, Harold (Private-)
Wade, (?) (WFT Est. 1854-1874-WFT Est. 1899-1960)
Wade, Auther (Ott) (Private-)
Wade, Bonnie (Private-)
Wade, Bridge Lynn (21 APR 1974-)
Wade, Donald Roderick (28 DEC 1957-)
Wade, Donald Winfred (17 NOV 1981-)
Wade, Mary Jane (WFT Est. 1814-1838-WFT Est. 1857-1926)
Wade, Nancy (Private-)
Wagner, Alberta Edna Dorothy (Private-)
Wagner, Carl (Private-)
Wagner, Charles (Private-)
Wagner, Charles (Private-)
Wagner, Christopher William (1906-JAN 1989)
Wagner, Clara Louise (Private-)
Wagner, David (Private-)
Wagner, Donald Charles (Private-)
Wagner, Holly Elizabeth (Private-)
Wagner, Jeffrey Paul (Private-)
Wagner, John (Private-)
Wagner, Joseph (Private-)
Wagner, Margaret (Private-)
Wagner, Mark (Private-)
Wagner, Mary Alice (Private-)
Wagner, Mary Ann (Private-)
Wagner, Mary Theresa (Private-)
Wagner, Melissa (Private-)
Wagner, Michael (Private-)
Wagner, Michael John (Private-)
Wagner, Nancy (Private-)
Wagner, Rebecca (Private-)
Wagner, Robert (Private-)
Wagner, Robert (Private-)
Wagner, Rosemary (Private-)
Wagner, Wendy (Private-)
Wagner, William (Private-)
Wagner, William (Private-)
Wagner, William (Private-)
Wagner, William (Private-)
Waldhart, Carol Ann (Private-)
Waldo, Elayne Kip (-)
Waldo, James Walter "Tom" (-)
Walker, Adeline (WFT Est. 1850-1916-WFT Est. 1886-1994)
Walker, Anne (WFT Est. 1703-1722-WFT Est. 1738-1807)
Walker, Bonnie Jean (Private-)
Walker, Col. James (WFT Est. 1744-1773-WFT Est. 1798-1858)
Walker, Edgar (Private-)
Walker, Emily (1861-1906)
Walker, Evangeline (Private-)
Walker, Glenn (Private-)
Walker, J. C. (Private-)
Walker, Jennifer Maxine (Private-)
Walker, Joe (Private-)
Walker, Keith (Private-)
Walker, Luke (Private-)
Walker, Male (Johnson) (Private-)
Walker, Margaret Sue (Private-)
Walker, Marvin Eugene (Private-)
Walker, Michael Ray (Private-)
Walker, Paul (Private-)
Walker, Pauline (Private-)
Walker, Raymond Joseph (Private-)
Walker, Rufus Eugene (Private-)
Walker, Samual (Private-)
Walker, Sinda (Private-)
Walker, Teresa (Private-)
Walker, Wilmoth Neal (1795-WFT Est. 1813-1889)
Wall, Lemuel Alonzo (30 AUG 1854-23 JAN 1921)
Wall, Martin Luther (19 APR 1890-6 JUN 1964)
Wall, Mildred Eleanor (Private-)
Wall, Nancy Prudence (29 MAR 1869-30 AUG 1954)
Wallace, Ada Marie (31 AUG 1979-)
Wallace, Alfred Daniel (Private-)
Wallace, Alicia Ann (Private-)
Wallace, Child (Private-)
Wallace, George III (ABT. 1957-)
Wallace, Harold Milton (Private-)
Wallace, Henry Plummer (Private-)
Wallace, John Edward (Private-)
Wallace, Karen Elizabeth (Private-)
Wallace, Lee (Private-)
Wallace, Leslie Eugene (Private-)
Wallace, Lindsey Leigh (10 AUG 1986-)
Wallace, Nancy Lucy (6 MAR 1853-12 APR 1900)
Wallace, Ray Milton (Private-)
Wallace, Robert Samuel (1 SEP 1982-)
Wallace, Shirley Ann (Private-)
Wallace, Tom (WFT Est. 1885-1912-ABT. 1943)
Wallace, William Edward (Private-)
Wallen, Annis (3 AUG 1871-WFT Est. 1872-1965)
Wallen, Attie Ruth (9 AUG 1884-26 SEP 1966)
Wallen, Celous (Private-)
Wallen, Cora (2 APR 1887-WFT Est. 1888-1981)
Wallen, Detta Mae (Private-)
Wallen, Dolly (Private-)
Wallen, Faye (WFT Est. 1865-1890-WFT Est. 1871-1973)
Wallen, Frances (20 JAN 1869-WFT Est. 1870-1963)
Wallen, Greenberry , Jr. (16 MAY 1845-8 OCT 1893)
Wallen, Hagan C. (Private-)
Wallen, Hampton (26 MAY 1878-12 OCT 1958)
Wallen, Henry (WFT Est. 1866-1903-WFT Est. 1907-1981)
Wallen, Martha G. (12 OCT 1845-22 AUG 1913)
Wallen, Martha Jane (11 DEC 1837-4 NOV 1930)
Wallen, Mary Parolee (13 MAY 1873-WFT Est. 1874-1967)
Wallen, Taylor (Private-)
Wallen, Victoria (30 JUL 1881-6 MAY 1967)
Wallen, Wanda Jane (Private-)
Waller, Charles Eugene (Private-)
Waller, Emma Tomina (5 DEC 1874-20 NOV 1949)
Waller, Gary Eugene (Private-)
Waller, Jeffrey Scott (Private-)
Waller, Mary Ann (Private-)
Waller, William (12 AUG 1887-13 SEP 1972)
Waller, William , Jr. (Private-)
Wallie, Anna (-)
Wallis, Joseph Graves (Private-)
Wallis, Ralph Gladden (6 NOV 1920-SEP 1979)
Wallis, Robert Allen (Private-)
Wallmer, Dawn (-)
Walls, Henry (WFT Est. 1744-1781-WFT Est. 1786-1862)
Walls, Susan J. (WFT Est. 1786-1808-WFT Est. 1830-1896)
Walls, William Grandison (WFT Est. 1821-1847-WFT Est. 1871-1934)
Walmsley, Helen (Private-)
Walsh, Catherine (Private-)
Walsh, Edward Earl (Private-)
Walters, Amanda Lenoir (Private-)
Walters, Charles (1869-1882)
Walters, Daniel (1835-WFT Est. 1878-1927)
Walters, Daniel (1873-5 APR 1928)
Walters, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (3 JUL 1875-WFT Est. 1876-1969)
Walters, Ella (FEB 1868-WFT Est. 1896-1962)
Walters, Harry (1867-BEF. 1880)
Walters, Hiram (-)
Walters, Janene Marie (Private-)
Walters, Louisa Jane (8 JUN 1865-ABT. 1900)
Walters, Mahala (Private-)
Walters, Mary (1867-AFT. 1880)
Walters, Mike (Private-)
Walters, Zackery Paul (Private-)
Walton, Bradley (WFT Est. 1868-1905-WFT Est. 1929-1989)
Wanderly, John H. (WFT Est. 1792-1819-WFT Est. 1843-1906)
Ward, Adam Jeremy (Private-)
Ward, Arminta (-)
Ward, Carl B (Private-)
Ward, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1696-1721-WFT Est. 1749-1809)
Ward, James (WFT Est. 1831-1851-WFT Est. 1876-1937)
Ward, Karen (Private-)
Ward, Katherine (ABT. 1590-WFT Est. 1620-1684)
Ward, Mary (WFT Est. 1776-1799-WFT Est. 1823-1888)
Ward, Maude Duff (Private-)
Ware, Edward (-)
Ware, Elizabeth (-)
Ware, Sarah Sally (-)
Ware, Susannah (-)
Wares, Cynthia Kay (Private-)
Wares, Wesley W. (Private-)
Warf, Victoria Venus (15 AUG 1875-16 FEB 1961)
Warner, Billy (Private-)
Warner, Catherine (WFT Est. 1631-1653-WFT Est. 1676-1740)
Warner, Darrell Wayne (27 MAR 1967-)
Warner, Deborah Gene (Private-)
Warner, Ernie Lee , Sr. (20 SEP 1946-)
Warner, Ernie Lee , Jr. (9 JAN 1975-)
Warner, James (WFT Est. 1587-1627-1673)
Warner, Katherine Lee (9 AUG 1969-)
Warner, Louisa (-)
Warner, Sudie (Private-)
Warner, Thomas (-)
Warren, Ida (WFT Est. 1854-1877-WFT Est. 1899-1965)
Warren, Joe (Private-)
Warren, Judy (Private-)
Warren, Lorinda (WFT Est. 1785-1816-WFT Est. 1819-1902)
Warren, Martha A. (WFT Est. 1788-1813-1854)
Warren, Mary (WFT Est. 1596-1619-WFT Est. 1641-1707)
Warren, Richard (WFT Est. 1554-1593-WFT Est. 1596-1674)
Warren, Teresa "Tercy" (WFT Est. 1787-1810-WFT Est. 1832-1898)
Warren, Thomas (WFT Est. 1745-1790-WFT Est. 1785-1870)
Warth, Robert (WFT Est. 1746-1797-WFT Est. 1786-1874)
Warwick, Diane Leigh (Private-)
Washam, Maude Bell (1891-1970)
Washwasher, Male (Nease) (WFT Est. 1810-1847-WFT Est. 1851-1925)
Wasson, James (1858-1921)
Waterman, Margaret (WFT Est. 1826-1857-WFT Est. 1860-1943)
Waters, Kathryn Ann (Private-)
Watkins, Billy (Private-)
Watkins, Grace Carlton (Private-)
Watkins, Gretta Fay (8 NOV 1935-)
Watkins, Jenny (Private-)
Watkins, Kirk (Private-)
Watkins, Laura Garrett (Private-)
Watne, Anne Marie (Private-)
Watson, Agnes M (1854-1920)
Watson, Albert Gallatin (WFT Est. 1824-1850-WFT Est. 1874-1937)
Watson, Amos (6 MAY 1834-WFT Est. 1858-1925)
Watson, Bud (Private-)
Watson, David C. (WFT Est. 1798-1827-WFT Est. 1852-1912)
Watson, David Harris (22 FEB 1824-WFT Est. 1857-1915)
Watson, Eliza D. (WFT Est. 1836-1856-WFT Est. 1871-1940)
Watson, Eve Ellen (Private-)
Watson, Frank (Private-)
Watson, George W. (WFT Est. 1820-1840-WFT Est. 1854-1926)
Watson, Gladys (Private-)
Watson, Hannah Ann (1792-WFT Est. 1820-1886)
Watson, Haywood (WFT Est. 1866-1903-WFT Est. 1907-1981)
Watson, Isham A. (1 NOV 1877-WFT Est. 1878-1967)
Watson, James Henry (15 DEC 1831-WFT Est. 1858-1922)
Watson, Janice Marie (-)
Watson, Joab (12 MAR 1836-WFT Est. 1857-1927)
Watson, John D. (28 FEB 1849-23 APR 1934)
Watson, Joseph Lavator (6 AUG 1874-WFT Est. 1875-1964)
Watson, Kathleen Ann (Private-)
Watson, Kristina Yevette (Private-)
Watson, Lilly (WFT Est. 1871-1895-WFT Est. 1914-1983)
Watson, Mary Ann (4 DEC 1825-WFT Est. 1857-1919)
Watson, Matilda Frances (30 OCT 1827-WFT Est. 1857-1921)
Watson, Nathaniel (WFT Est. 1741-1770-WFT Est. 1795-1855)
Watson, Perry (1873-WFT Est. 1874-1963)
Watson, Ray (Private-)
Watson, Reba (Private-)
Watson, Robert Carl (Private-)
Watson, Sarah Jane (Private-)
Watson, Shimei (10 MAR 1840-WFT Est. 1841-1930)
Watson, Tabitha Elizabeth (7 OCT 1829-WFT Est. 1858-1923)
Watson, William H (Private-)
Watson, William H (Private-)
Watson, William H (Private-)
Watson, William Riley (27 MAY 1838-WFT Est. 1858-1929)
Watts, Brad (Private-)
Watts, Dan (Private-)
Watts, Willie (Private-)
Waugh, Dick (Private-)
Waugh, Louis (Private-)
WAUGH, Morry (-)
Waugh, Morry (Private-)
Waugh, Sara Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1826-1874-WFT Est. 1862-1957)
Waugh, Tom (Private-)
Wayne, Dillion (Private-)
Weatherly, Alpha S. Lina (1876-WFT Est. 1904-1970)
Weatherly, Andrew Hunter (DEC 1848-WFT Est. 1893-1940)
Weatherly, Ballard (Private-)
Weatherly, Bessie M. (APR 1891-WFT Est. 1919-1985)
Weatherly, Beulah (Private-)
Weatherly, Bryson (WFT Est. 1798-1827-WFT Est. 1804-1906)
Weatherly, Calvin (22 MAR 1817-25 APR 1897)
Weatherly, Carrie Louise (Private-)
Weatherly, Carrie Ruth (17 SEP 1900-11 OCT 1987)
Weatherly, Charles Leonard (Private-)
Weatherly, Child 1 (WFT Est. 1872-1899-WFT Est. 1878-1979)
Weatherly, Child 2 (-)
Weatherly, Child 3 (-)
Weatherly, Child 4 (-)
Weatherly, Child 5 (-)
Weatherly, Child 6 (-)
Weatherly, Curtis (WFT Est. 1754-1798-WFT Est. 1768-1876)
Weatherly, Daniel Joseph (Private-)
Weatherly, Danny Irwin (Private-)
Weatherly, Darryl Glenn (Private-)
Weatherly, Dee (Private-)
Weatherly, Echol Ewell (18 JUL 1918-23 MAR 1919)
Weatherly, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1798-1827-WFT Est. 1803-1908)
Weatherly, Ella (JUN 1873-WFT Est. 1901-1967)
Weatherly, Female (Private-)
Weatherly, Garlie Gilbert (Private-)
Weatherly, Gracie (Private-)
Weatherly, Heather Pauline (Private-)
Weatherly, Ida (WFT Est. 1870-1896-WFT Est. 1901-1979)
Weatherly, James (ABT. 1800-WFT Est. 1801-1890)
Weatherly, James (WFT Est. 1754-1798-WFT Est. 1768-1876)
Weatherly, James Jesse (14 MAY 1880-21 MAY 1962)
Weatherly, Jeffrey Scott (Private-)
Weatherly, Jesse (WFT Est. 1798-1827-WFT Est. 1804-1906)
Weatherly, Jesse (WFT Est. 1726-1755-WFT Est. 1780-1840)
Weatherly, Jesse F. (16 MAY 1898-23 JUL 1942)
Weatherly, Jesse James (1846-ABT. 1886)
Weatherly, Jimmy (Private-)
Weatherly, John Tipton (WFT Est. 1821-1848-WFT Est. 1873-1934)
Weatherly, Laura V. (JUL 1888-WFT Est. 1916-1982)
Weatherly, Lee (Private-)
Weatherly, Lillie Fay (27 AUG 1902-4 DEC 1993)
Weatherly, Lori Lynn (Private-)
Weatherly, Maggie (5 DEC 1895-WFT Est. 1901-1989)
Weatherly, Martha (Private-)
Weatherly, Martha Ann (15 NOV 1854-7 DEC 1905)
Weatherly, Mary (Private-)
Weatherly, Mary Deliah (1853-1918)
Weatherly, Mary E. Lucy (1878-ABT. 1954)
Weatherly, Mary Polly (1821-WFT Est. 1822-1915)
Weatherly, Mattie Mae (1 FEB 1905-10 APR 1958)
Weatherly, Myrtle (JUL 1884-WFT Est. 1912-1978)
Weatherly, Nancy Jane (27 NOV 1842-27 SEP 1884)
Weatherly, Nurgis (1883-ABT. 1900)
Weatherly, Patty Lynn (Private-)
Weatherly, Rebecca Gladys (20 JAN 1910-14 DEC 1977)
Weatherly, Ronald Eugene (Private-)
Weatherly, Roy (Private-)
Weatherly, Samuel (OCT 1879-WFT Est. 1910-1969)
Weatherly, Samuel Sproles (28 MAY 1851-10 MAY 1905)
Weatherly, Sarah E. (1842-ABT. 1930)
Weatherly, Sarah J. (1870-WFT Est. 1898-1964)
Weatherly, Stella Anne (26 APR 1914-28 APR 1914)
Weatherly, Susan (WFT Est. 1798-1827-WFT Est. 1803-1908)
Weatherly, Susan N. Vesta (1874-WFT Est. 1902-1968)
Weatherly, Vernia (WFT Est. 1870-1896-WFT Est. 1901-1979)
Weatherly, William C. (1872-11 DEC 1927)
Weatherly, William Patrick (Private-)
Weatherly, Zachariah Glenn (Private-)
Weatherly, Zebedee (ABT. 1777-AFT. 1850)
Weatherly, Zelma Virgie (11 MAY 1921-4 SEP 1992)
Weaver, Deanna Rae (Private-)
Weaver, Denise (Private-)
Weaver, Dennis (Private-)
Weaver, Elizabeth (1754-1844)
Weaver, George (-)
Weaver, James (WFT Est. 1729-1761-WFT Est. 1786-1848)
Weaver, James Frederick (Private-)
Weaver, Jenetta (FEB 1869-1926)
Weaver, Jennie (WFT Est. 1753-1777-WFT Est. 1796-1866)
Weaver, Marshall Daniel (Private-)
Weaver, Mary S. (1839-)
Weaver, Robin (Private-)
Webb, David Lee (Private-)
Webb, David Richard (Private-)
Webb, Denise (Private-)
Webb, George Richard (Private-)
Webb, John D. (Private-)
Webb, Loretta (Private-)
Webb, Louella Melissa (WFT Est. 1853-1877-WFT Est. 1904-1965)
Webb, Lynch Dillard (WFT Est. 1845-1888-WFT Est. 1885-1969)
Webb, Mary Alice (8 FEB 1895-5 MAR 1983)
Webb, Mary Francis (Private-)
Webb, Robert Harold (9 FEB 1936-NOV 1965)
Webb, Roy Mack (WFT Est. 1885-1914-7 DEC 1973)
Webb, Ruby Bernice (-)
Webb, Sarah (-)
Weber, (Unknown) (Private-)
Weber, Anna Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1683-1706-WFT Est. 1728-1794)
Weber, Faith Jean (1966-)
Webster, William , Sr. (WFT Est. 1683-1715-WFT Est. 1740-1802)
Weege, Don Clifford (Private-)
Weeks, Betty Jane (25 FEB 1921-25 FEB 1921)
Weeks, Esther Anne (Private-)
Weeks, Mark William (16 DEC 1894-9 JUN 1980)
Weeks, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Wegman, Charles (Private-)
Wegman, Robert "Bud" (Private-)
Weigle, Lavada Cheryl (Private-)
Weis, Lois Irene (Private-)
WELCH, Ann (24 NOV 1942-)
WELCH, Debbie (ABT. 1962-)
Welch, Desiree Marie (Private-)
WELCH, Jeffery (-)
Welch, Male (Glass) (WFT Est. 1877-1897-WFT Est. 1922-1983)
WELCH, Marvin (19 JAN 1914-14 MAR 1988)
WELCH, Marvin Ray (ABT. 1946-)
Welch, Ronald Lee (Private-)
Welch, William Riley (1870-1912)
Weldon, Caroline S. (1819-12 SEP 1878)
Wells, Aaron (WFT Est. 1743-1781-WFT Est. 1786-1861)
Wells, Agnes (WFT Est. 1749-1779-WFT Est. 1801-1866)
Wells, Albert Sessions (Private-)
Wells, Amy (WFT Est. 1786-1808-WFT Est. 1830-1895)
Wells, Carl (12 JUN 1906-17 JUL 1975)
Wells, Carolyn Jane (Private-)
Wells, Debbie (Private-)
Wells, Elaine (Private-)
Wells, George (WFT Est. 1834-1864-WFT Est. 1875-1946)
Wells, Janie (ABT. 1886-WFT Est. 1887-1980)
Wells, Jesse White (16 APR 1839-5 JAN 1897)
Wells, Jessie White (3 AUG 1880-27 MAY 1959)
Wells, John William (28 MAR 1878-WFT Est. 1879-1968)
Wells, Joyce (Private-)
Wells, Karon (Private-)
Wells, Katie Craig (23 JAN 1873-WFT Est. 1874-1967)
Wells, Mary Drula (21 MAR 1875-WFT Est. 1876-1969)
Wells, Nancy (Private-)
Wells, Neal Christine (30 AUG 1883-WFT Est. 1884-1977)
Wells, Richard Duff (Private-)
Wells, Robert Frank (Private-)
Wells, Suzie (Private-)
Wells, Thoedore Leonard (13 DEC 1876-WFT Est. 1877-1966)
Wells, Walter (9 NOV 1889-WFT Est. 1890-1979)
Wells, Welton (10 JUN 1907-17 FEB 1969)
Wells, Woodrow Jack (Private-)
Weltner, Oscar Lee (WFT Est. 1846-1875-WFT Est. 1900-1960)
Weltner, Susie Mary (12 JUL 1897-30 DEC 1971)
Wendorf, Patricia Louise (Private-)
Werner, Barry Martin (Private-)
Werner, Becky Lanae (Private-)
Werner, Beth Marie (Private-)
Werner, Bonnie John (Private-)
Werner, Bruce Lester (Private-)
Werner, Byron Jay (Private-)
Werner, Jane Carol (Private-)
Werner, Robert Lee (Private-)
Werner, William John (Private-)
Werner, William John (Private-)
Wessely, James (Private-)
Wessely, Lisa Ann (Private-)
Wessely, Paul (Private-)
Wessely, Robert (Private-)
Wesson, Kate (WFT Est. 1873-1892-WFT Est. 1908-1976)
West, Cleo Susan (-)
West, Rebecca (1762-1851)
West, Robert (Private-)
West, Thomas II (28 MAY 1792-6 JUN 1870)
West, Thomas (WFT Est. 1741-1770-WFT Est. 1795-1855)
Wester, Billy (1920-)
Wester, Cynthia (1949-)
Wester, Donald (-)
Wester, James Irvin (-1959)
Wester, Jeanne Jolayne (1959-)
Wester, Jeffery (1955-)
Wester, Jerri (-)
Wester, Jimmy (1960-)
Wester, Katherine (1917-)
Wester, Leon (1912-)
Wester, Mary Lee (1922-)
Wester, Michael (1946-)
Wester, Robert Donald (1910-)
Wester, Roger (1958-)
Wester, Rosalind (1914-)
Wester, Sharron (1940-)
Wester, T. E. (1910-)
Westgor, Elmer Herbert (12 MAY 1886-14 FEB 1947)
Westgor, Heather Lyn (Private-)
Westgor, John Elmore (Private-)
Westgor, John Elmore (Private-)
Westgor, Sara Jean (Private-)
Westgor, Ted Wayne (Private-)
Westley, Arnold I (Private-)
Wever, Sarah "Sary" (20 APR 1760-18 MAR 1844)
Whaley, Aaron (WFT Est. 1805-1825-WFT Est. 1839-1911)
Whaley, Isabella (WFT Est. 1853-1873-WFT Est. 1873-1957)
Whaley, Jane (Jennie) (WFT Est. 1820-1840-WFT Est. 1840-1924)
Whaley, John H. (Private-)
Whaley, Perry (WFT Est. 1833-1853-WFT Est. 1867-1939)
Whaley, William M. (WFT Est. 1776-1796-WFT Est. 1810-1882)
Wharton, Roger Louis (Private-)
Wharton, Roger Louis (Private-)
Whateley, Henry (Private-)
Wheat, Laverna D. (Private-)
WHEATLEY, Sandra Lynn (1 JUL 1962-)
WHEELER, Betty (-)
Wheeler, Charles (Private-)
Wheeler, Donna Frances (Private-)
Wheeler, Elizabeth E. "Lizzie" (1851-1902)
Wheeler, Etta (-)
Wheeler, G. W. (Private-)
Wheeler, James Francis (Private-)
Wheeler, John (WFT Est. 1857-1877-WFT Est. 1902-1963)
Wheeler, John (WFT Est. 1857-1877-WFT Est. 1902-1963)
Wheeler, John (Private-)
Wheeler, John (WFT Est. 1859-1895-WFT Est. 1919-1979)
Wheeler, Joseph (WFT Est. 1869-1896-WFT Est. 1921-1982)
Wheeler, Joseph Anthony (Private-)
Wheeler, Male (?) (WFT Est. 1771-1866-WFT Est. 1837-1938)
Wheeler, Polly C (7 MAR 1800-15 JAN 1891)
Wheeler, Sarah E. (APR 1869-WFT Est. 1894-1963)
Wheeler, Shelly Renee (Private-)
Wheeler, Thomas (WFT Est. 1793-1825-WFT Est. 1834-1905)
Whicher, Nancy (-)
Whipple, James (-)
Whitaker, Female (Hicks) (WFT Est. 1877-1897-BEF. 1959)
Whitaker, Lincoln Ray (6 APR 1943-)
Whitaker, Male (Rigsby) (-)
Whitaker, Miranda (1841-WFT Est. 1870-1935)
Whitaker, Peter (WFT Est. 1699-1726-WFT Est. 1750-1813)
Whitaker, Richard (-)
Whitaker, Sara Rose (Private-)
White, Anderson (WFT Est. 1829-1858-WFT Est. 1883-1943)
White, Anderson (WFT Est. 1859-1899-WFT Est. 1894-1978)
WHITE, Cestine (-)
White, Cestine (Private-)
White, Charles Frederich (WFT Est. 1859-1899-WFT Est. 1872-1978)
White, Charlotte (WFT Est. 1842-1878-WFT Est. 1877-1962)
White, Clyde (SEP 1912-1954)
WHITE, Dewey (1929-)
WHITE, Ethel Marie (-)
WHITE, Eva (1923-)
WHITE, Flora Mae (-)
White, George Washington (-)
White, Horace (-)
White, Isaac Anderson (WFT Est. 1859-1899-20 SEP 1951)
WHITE, Joyce (1940-)
WHITE, Judy (1934-)
White, Laura (-)
White, Lena Eudora (WFT Est. 1859-1899-31 DEC 1958)
White, Lucy (25 JUN 1863-10 NOV 1922)
White, Lucy Etta (22 NOV 1880-WFT Est. 1907-1974)
White, Lydia (16 AUG 1792-BEF. 1854)
White, Mary Josephine (WFT Est. 1859-1899-15 JUN 1952)
WHITE, Merritt (-)
White, Merritt (Private-)
WHITE, Otila (1920-)
WHITE, Ralph Edgar (19 JUN 1941-19 FEB 1989)
WHITE, Ralph F. (11 AUG 1891-4 MAY 1985)
White, Rebecca (-)
WHITE, Shirley (1936-)
WHITE, Thoburn (-)
White, Thoburn (Private-)
White, Thomas Wilmer Skinner (WFT Est. 1859-1899-10 NOV 1956)
WHITE, Wanda Joe (1921-1992)
Whitecraft, Camille (Private-)
Whitecraft, Candis Lee (Private-)
Whitecraft, Charles Lee (Private-)
Whitecraft, Richard Craig (Private-)
Whitehead, Efe (WFT Est. 1850-1870-WFT Est. 1895-1956)
Whitehead, Mary (WFT Est. 1791-1817-WFT Est. 1847-1905)
Whiting, Ilah (Private-)
Whitlock, Bennett (WFT Est. 1846-1863-1925)
Whitlock, Carrie (WFT Est. 1846-1863-WFT Est. 1877-1950)
Whitlock, Dora (WFT Est. 1846-1863-1933)
Whitlock, Ella (WFT Est. 1846-1863-1910)
Whitlock, Emma (WFT Est. 1846-1863-ABT. 1870)
Whitlock, John , Sr. (WFT Est. 1796-1827-ABT. 1863)
Whitlock, John "Bud" (WFT Est. 1846-1863-1924)
Whitlock, Margaret (1844-1934)
Whitlock, Monroe (WFT Est. 1846-1863-1923)
Whitlock, Nancy (WFT Est. 1763-1791-WFT Est. 1816-1878)
Whitlock, Nancy (1848-ABT. 1913)
Whitlow, Denis (WFT Est. 1822-1848-WFT Est. 1873-1935)
Whitman, John (WFT Est. 1581-1611-WFT Est. 1636-1697)
Whitman, Sarah (ABT. 1633-11 JUN 1718)
Whitney, Joshua (WFT Est. 1698-1743-WFT Est. 1738-1821)
Whitney, Sarah (9 APR 1809-21 NOV 1892)
Whitney, Wallace (Private-)
Whitsitt, Benjamin Wade (1870-1952)
Whitsitt, Willis Gay Valentine (1901-1982)
Wickland, Carol (Private-)
Widener, Ella D. (18 JUN 1909-1 NOV 1991)
Wigle, James Benjamin (19 OCT 1925-14 OCT 1980)
Wigle, James Rodney (Private-)
Wigle, Juanita Lynn (Private-)
Wigle, Ronald Patrick (Private-)
Wigley, Almarine Vandiver (30 OCT 1855-22 JUL 1946)
Wigley, California DesDemona (12 FEB 1854-8 NOV 1898)
Wigley, Cicero (1841-FEB 1868)
Wigley, Cora (-)
Wigley, Cordelia Malinda (1882-WFT Est. 1910-1976)
Wigley, Courtney L (1867-WFT Est. 1894-1961)
Wigley, Elizabeth J. (1857-WFT Est. 1858-1951)
Wigley, Eula Lee (1889-WFT Est. 1915-1983)
Wigley, George W. (1855-WFT Est. 1856-1945)
Wigley, Henry A. (1839-WFT Est. 1840-1929)
Wigley, Hiram T. (1849-WFT Est. 1850-1939)
Wigley, James (1834-WFT Est. 1835-1924)
Wigley, Jane Vaden (1860-WFT Est. 1884-1954)
Wigley, Joseph (1765-ABT. 1845)
Wigley, Joseph F. (1845-WFT Est. 1846-1935)
Wigley, Juanita Vandiver (1879-WFT Est. 1907-1973)
Wigley, Julia (1847-WFT Est. 1848-1941)
Wigley, Kate Alva (APR 1887-WFT Est. 1915-1981)
Wigley, Lilla Shell (JUL 1884-WFT Est. 1912-1978)
Wigley, Mary A. E. (1838-WFT Est. 1839-1932)
Wigley, Mary E. (1841-WFT Est. 1842-1935)
Wigley, Milton Tombs (23 FEB 1872-31 MAR 1949)
Wigley, Missouri (1843-WFT Est. 1844-1933)
Wigley, Richard A. (1853-WFT Est. 1854-1943)
Wigley, Richard R. (1814-WFT Est. 1859-1906)
Wigley, Ruby Inez (9 NOV 1908-5 JUL 1974)
Wigley, Sarah J. (1848-1882)
Wigley, Solomon W. (11 DEC 1811-26 JUN 1893)
Wigley, Temperence A. (1837-WFT Est. 1838-1931)
Wigley, Terrissa Alice (NOV 1858-WFT Est. 1886-1952)
Wigley, Vira Ethel (5 AUG 1897-16 OCT 1983)
Wigley, William Andrew J. (1843-WFT Est. 1867-1934)
Wigley, Winnie Leone (19 OCT 1895-29 JAN 1989)
Wilburn, Melissa J. (APR 1862-4 JAN 1926)
Wilder, A. R. (WFT Est. 1858-1890-WFT Est. 1899-1970)
Wilds, John Paul (Private-)
Wilds, Johnny Paul (Private-)
Wiles, Douglas James (3 MAR 1963-)
Wiles, Male (Bauernschmitt) (-)
Wiles, Vicki Lynn (18 APR 1966-)
Wiley, James (-)
Wilhite, Ray (Private-)
Wilkerson, John (1785-1853)
Wilkerson, Mary (1830-WFT Est. 1858-1924)
Wilkerson, Susie "Sudie" (WFT Est. 1872-1892-WFT Est. 1907-1976)
Wilkinson, Claudia Ruth (Private-)
Wilkinson, Clyde (Private-)
Wilkinson, Dorothy (Private-)
Wilkinson, Dotsie Oliva (Private-)
Wilkinson, Emmet Wesley (Private-)
Wilkinson, Joseph Paul (Private-)
Wilkinson, Keith (Private-)
Wilkinson, Mary (27 MAR 1827-12 OCT 1899)
Wilkinson, Pete (25 DEC 1890-WFT Est. 1918-1981)
Wilkinson, Rodney (Private-)
Will, Moses (25 DEC 1820-WFT Est. 1850-1911)
Willams, Allen Kenton (Private-)
WILLAMS, Cecil Wayne (10 JAN 1976-)
Williams, Addie Belle (27 APR 1910-3 MAY 1954)
Williams, Alberta Lorene (Private-)
Williams, Alice (Private-)
Williams, Alice Virginia "Penny" (Private-)
Williams, Alissa Shelbi (-)
Williams, Allen (WFT Est. 1853-1893-WFT Est. 1866-1972)
Williams, Allen Preston (24 APR 1906-24 JUN 1982)
Williams, Alva L. (WFT Est. 1864-1890-1974)
Williams, Anna (WFT Est. 1831-1851-WFT Est. 1866-1935)
Williams, Annie (-)
Williams, Arthur Darby (Private-)
Williams, Bettie Floy (WFT Est. 1813-1836-WFT Est. 1818-1920)
Williams, Betty Ruth (Private-)
Williams, Billy (Private-)
Williams, Billy Randall (Private-)
Williams, Bonnie Jean (Private-)
Williams, Brian Templin (Private-)
Williams, Casey (Private-)
WILLIAMS, Cecil (-)
Williams, Claude Oliver , Jr. (Private-)
Williams, Claude Oliver (Private-)
Williams, Daniel (WFT Est. 1870-1890-WFT Est. 1915-1976)
Williams, David Davis (9 JAN 1871-2 MAR 1936)
Williams, David Davis III (26 APR 1913-30 OCT 1919)
Williams, David Davis (ABT. 1845-WFT Est. 1877-1936)
Williams, David Lawson (Private-)
Williams, Debbie Jean (ABT. 1957-)
Williams, Edan (6 MAY 1909-1909)
Williams, Edmund T. (6 MAY 1909-12 MAY 1965)
Williams, Edward James (17 SEP 1892-12 MAY 1961)
Williams, Elizabeth (1822-WFT Est. 1850-1916)
Williams, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1851-1871-WFT Est. 1871-1955)
Williams, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
Williams, Elizabeth Caroline (14 FEB 1895-WFT Est. 1896-1989)
Williams, Ellen Ferch Ellis (Private-)
Williams, Ellen Ferch Ellis (WFT Est. 1624-1648-WFT Est. 1670-1738)
Williams, Ellis Ap Hugh (WFT Est. 1583-1623-WFT Est. 1624-1704)
Williams, Ellis Ap Hugh (Private-)
Williams, Eloise Maurine (Private-)
Williams, Erin Amelia (Private-)
Williams, Ethel Elvina (10 APR 1896-8 NOV 1975)
Williams, Eugene R. (Private-)
Williams, Francis (WFT Est. 1764-1808-WFT Est. 1778-1886)
Williams, George H. (14 NOV 1914-1968)
Williams, Gladys (Private-)
Williams, Hattie (WFT Est. 1853-1893-WFT Est. 1885-1975)
Williams, Hazel (Private-)
Williams, James Kenneth (Private-)
Williams, James LeRoy (Private-)
Williams, James M. (WFT Est. 1813-1836-WFT Est. 1818-1917)
Williams, James Mastin (WFT Est. 1747-1784-WFT Est. 1813-1871)
WILLIAMS, Jane (1813-1860)
Williams, Jane (WFT Est. 1844-1864-WFT Est. 1864-1948)
Williams, Jeremiah (Private-)
Williams, Jesse (6 DEC 1894-10 JUN 1900)
Williams, Joan Tupper (Private-)
Williams, Joel Brian (Private-)
Williams, John (WFT Est. 1813-1836-WFT Est. 1818-1917)
Williams, Katherine (27 JAN 1919-15 APR 1991)
Williams, Kenneth (Private-)
Williams, Kenneth H. (27 JAN 1919-28 JUL 1977)
Williams, Kenneth Steven (Private-)
Williams, Kyle David (Private-)
Williams, Leonard (Private-)
Williams, Leonard Ross (4 JUN 1902-2 SEP 1970)
Williams, Lillian May (8 MAY 1899-28 SEP 1899)
Williams, Luay (WFT Est. 1853-1893-WFT Est. 1865-1975)
Williams, Lucy (WFT Est. 1838-1861-WFT Est. 1883-1949)
Williams, Male (Palmour) (WFT Est. 1850-1870-WFT Est. 1895-1956)
Williams, Margaret (-)
Williams, Margaret (WFT Est. 1867-1887-WFT Est. 1902-1971)
Williams, Martha (WFT Est. 1777-1801-WFT Est. 1824-1888)
Williams, Martha Alice (11 MAR 1869-23 JUL 1937)
Williams, Martha May (Private-)
Williams, Martin (-)
Williams, Mary Ann (10 JUN 1864-17 MAY 1942)
Williams, Mary E. (1867-BEF. 1880)
Williams, Mary Jane (25 JUN 1897-18 NOV 1965)
Williams, McKinley Alexander (Private-)
Williams, Natalie Diane (Private-)
Williams, Orval Emmett (1 APR 1897-29 NOV 1956)
Williams, Orville Abley (Private-)
Williams, Paige Sharon (Private-)
Williams, Patricia (Private-)
Williams, Patrick H. (WFT Est. 1866-1895-WFT Est. 1920-1980)
Williams, Patsy (Private-)
Williams, Patsy Lucille (7 JUN 1917-WFT Est. 1955-1995)
Williams, Pearl B. (-)
Williams, Philip Dean (Private-)
Williams, Raymond Clay (30 JAN 1904-JAN 1993)
Williams, Richard (Private-)
Williams, Robert Edward (Private-)
Williams, Robert Jr. (WFT Est. 1813-1836-WFT Est. 1818-1917)
Williams, Rodney (-)
Williams, Rosalie (Private-)
Williams, Sammuel Preston (WFT Est. 1823-1852-WFT Est. 1877-1937)
Williams, Sarah (WFT Est. 1813-1836-WFT Est. 1818-1920)
Williams, Sarah Elizabeth (3 OCT 1865-15 MAY 1907)
Williams, Sylvia Margueriete (Private-)
Williams, T. P. (WFT Est. 1855-1875-WFT Est. 1900-1961)
Williams, Tara Elizabeth (Private-)
Williams, Thomas Albert (Private-)
Williams, Thomas Edmund (12 OCT 1874-17 MAR 1956)
Williams, Tony Harold (Private-)
Williams, Warren Eugene (Private-)
Williams, William Arthur (Private-)
Williams, William D. (WFT Est. 1813-1836-WFT Est. 1818-1917)
Williams, Wilmoth (1795-NOV 1866)
Williams, Zella (Private-)
Williamson, Buford Earl (Private-)
Williamson, Cody (Private-)
Williamson, Jerry George (Private-)
Williamson, Katie (Private-)
Williamson, Kay Sheri (Private-)
Williamson, Lindsey (Private-)
Williamson, Male (Elrod) (Private-)
WilliamWalker, (Private-)
Willingham, Brenda (Private-)
Willis, Abigail M. (10 MAY 1889-)
Willis, Charles Lewis (Private-)
Willis, Christine Lane (Private-)
Willis, Claire Gertrude (12 MAY 1897-)
Willis, David Darrell (Private-)
Willis, Dianne (Private-)
Willis, Dustin Randall (Private-)
Willis, Ellen Lavean (Private-)
Willis, Franklin Evert (20 SEP 1885-)
Willis, George E. , Jr. (Private-)
Willis, George E. (Private-)
Willis, Glenn (Private-)
Willis, James Bertrand (10 FEB 1895-)
Willis, Janie (28 FEB 1891-6 MAR 1974)
Willis, John (-)
Willis, John Elmer (9 JAN 1891-)
Willis, Karen Anne (Private-)
Willis, Lloyd Milum (13 AUG 1902-15 SEP 1868)
Willis, Luella (19 NOV 1883-ABT. 1967)
Willis, Male (Smith) (WFT Est. 1820-1840-WFT Est. 1865-1926)
Willis, Malinda (WFT Est. 1795-1815-WFT Est. 1815-1899)
Willis, Mary Elizabeth (29 DEC 1881-)
Willis, Maude (20 AUG 1887-)
Willis, Meredith Sue (Private-)
Willis, Mindi Mae (Private-)
Willis, Morgan James (19 AUG 1894-12 JUN 1950)
Willis, Okey Josephine (Private-)
Willis, Robert Edward (25 DEC 1893-)
Willis, Sharon Leah (Private-)
Willis, Shirley W. (Private-)
Willis, Susan (WFT Est. 1816-1835-WFT Est. 1851-1920)
Willis, Taylor (WFT Est. 1830-1851-WFT Est. 1876-1940)
Willis, William Berkley (10 FEB 1899-)
Willis, William Christopher (-)
WILLSON, Beulah (ABT. 1907-)
Willson, Louise (-)
Willson, Mary Louise (15 JUN 1855-10 NOV 1934)
Wilmont, Lori Black (Private-)
Wilmore, Annabelle (Private-)
WILMOT, Carol (-)
Wilmot, Female (Grubb) (WFT Est. 1610-1633-1698)
WILSON, Alpha (26 MAR 1918-23 JAN 1919)
Wilson, Attie Mae (WFT Est. 1862-1882-WFT Est. 1897-1966)
Wilson, Bessie Lee (Private-)
WILSON, Charles M. (-)
Wilson, Cloyd L. (Private-)
Wilson, Deborah Nancy (Private-)
Wilson, Delcena Eugena (WFT Est. 1843-1872-WFT Est. 1877-1955)
Wilson, Essie D. (Private-)
Wilson, Ester (1909-2 SEP 1965)
Wilson, Female (Seay) (WFT Est. 1648-1672-WFT Est. 1690-1761)
Wilson, Fred (Private-)
Wilson, Grover (WFT Est. 1867-1887-WFT Est. 1901-1973)
Wilson, Hazel (Private-)
Wilson, Hugh Harold (20 MAY 1928-15 JUN 1944)
Wilson, Irene (Private-)
WILSON, J. W. (NOV 1911-JUN 1913)
Wilson, James Ewing (Private-)
WILSON, Jane (-)
Wilson, Jenny Jo (Private-)
Wilson, Jim (-)
Wilson, Jimmy Wayne (Private-)
Wilson, Joe Roy (Private-)
Wilson, John W. (WFT Est. 1876-1896-WFT Est. 1921-1982)
Wilson, Larrel Gene (Private-)
Wilson, Lila A. (24 FEB 1883-25 FEB 1958)
Wilson, Lila A. (-)
Wilson, Marceda Ann (Private-)
Wilson, Margarette (Private-)
Wilson, Mary (WFT Est. 1684-1708-AFT. FEB 1762)
Wilson, Melissa Jean (Private-)
Wilson, Merna (Private-)
Wilson, Michael (Private-)
Wilson, Milinda (26 OCT 1827-WFT Est. 1864-1922)
Wilson, Nancy Lee (Private-)
Wilson, Ola (Private-)
WILSON, Orville (ABT. 1905-)
Wilson, Rene Lynn (30 JUN 1962-)
WILSON, Ronald (16 MAY 1903-22 FEB 1987)
Wilson, Samuel Mark (Private-)
Wilson, Sherry Lynn (Private-)
Wilson, Shirley Anne (Private-)
Wilson, Tracy (Private-)
Wilson, Tracy Joe (Private-)
Wilson, Wayne (Private-)
Wilson, William (WFT Est. 1797-1823-WFT Est. 1848-1910)
Wimme, Helene Roselle (23 AUG 1913-21 DEC 1937)
Windebank, Helen (WFT Est. 1581-1610-WFT Est. 1633-1696)
Winecoop, Male (Boan) (WFT Est. 1869-1889-WFT Est. 1914-1975)
Winfield, Katie (WFT Est. 1857-1876-WFT Est. 1892-1961)
Winfield, Martha (WFT Est. 1642-1663-WFT Est. 1685-1752)
Winger, Billy (Private-)
Winger, Male (Plummer) (WFT Est. 1881-1900-WFT Est. 1915-1987)
Wingler, Male (Parker) (-)
Wingo, Cassander "Cassie" (11 APR 1885-WFT Est. 1910-1979)
Winningham, Perry (-)
Winsell, Mary C. (Private-)
Winter, Andreas "Andrew" (WFT Est. 1706-1739-WFT Est. 1772-1823)
Winter, Anna Barbara (1770-WFT Est. 1771-1864)
Winter, Anne Marie (8 JAN 1796-25 JAN 1874)
Winter, Christopher (DEC 1759-1808)
Winter, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1780-1806-WFT Est. 1785-1889)
Winter, Johan Henrich (14 FEB 1757-WFT Est. 1758-1847)
Winter, John Adam , Jr. (1799-WFT Est. 1800-1889)
Winter, John Adam , Sr. (13 MAY 1759-13 FEB 1851)
Winter, Justina Margaretha (30 NOV 1751-WFT Est. 1752-1845)
Winter, Magdalena (2 JAN 1801-21 APR 1861)
Winter, Magdalena (WFT Est. 1735-1778-WFT Est. 1749-1859)
Winter, Susan (10 JUL 1793-WFT Est. 1794-1887)
Wintermute, Shelly Jean (Private-)
Wintringham, Elizabeth Margaret (WFT Est. 1568-1597-WFT Est. 1624-1685)
Wintringham, Henry (WFT Est. 1503-1535-WFT Est. 1568-1622)
Wintsch, Anna (WFT Est. 1667-1693-WFT Est. 1716-1780)
Wiora, Leona (Private-)
Wirta, Larry (Private-)
Wirtz, Catherine Thomas (WFT Est. 1748-1774-WFT Est. 1800-1862)
Wirtz, Peter (WFT Est. 1707-1748-WFT Est. 1748-1828)
Wisdom, Michael S (25 MAY 1814-WFT Est. 1857-1906)
Wiseman, Alexander "Alex" Clark , Jr. (Private-)
Wiseman, Alexander Clark , Sr. (Private-)
Wiseman, Andrew Douglas (Private-)
Witt, Buddy (Private-)
Witt, George , Jr. (Private-)
Witt, George , Sr. (WFT Est. 1859-1879-WFT Est. 1904-1965)
Witt, Jane (Private-)
Witt, Otto (Private-)
Witt, Ruth (Private-)
Wold, Ernest (WFT Est. 1881-1904-WFT Est. 1886-1985)
Wold, Irene (Private-)
Wold, O. (WFT Est. 1846-1866-WFT Est. 1891-1952)
Wold, Ole (WFT Est. 1846-1885-WFT Est. 1886-1962)
Woldum, Grant (Private-)
Woldum, Ole (WFT Est. 1864-1884-WFT Est. 1909-1970)
Woldum, Viola (Private-)
Wolf, Brenda Joy (Private-)
Wolf, Catharine (WFT Est. 1789-1809-WFT Est. 1824-1893)
Wolf, Dale Wayne (Private-)
Wolf, Dean Scott (Private-)
Wolf, Donald Burnell (Private-)
Wolf, Jana Dawn (Private-)
Wolf, Solomon (WFT Est. 1780-1800-WFT Est. 1825-1886)
Wolfe, Glenn Alfred (WFT Est. 1880-1903-WFT Est. 1900-1984)
Wolfe, John B. (WFT Est. 1845-1865-WFT Est. 1880-1951)
Wolfe, Male 1 (Private-)
Wolfe, Male 4 (Private-)
Wolfe, Male 6 (Private-)
Wolfe, Mary (WFT Est. 1778-1848-WFT Est. 1814-1925)
Wolfe, Nelle Emily (WFT Est. 1880-1903-WFT Est. 1902-1987)
Wolfe, Nina Lydia (WFT Est. 1880-1903-1927)
Wolfe, Roger Lee , Jr. (Private-)
Wolfe, Roger Lee (Private-)
Wolking, Charles (Private-)
Wolking, Enid (Private-)
Wolking, Fredrick Samuel (1878-1933)
Wolking, Mabel (Private-)
Wolking, William Clyde (17 JAN 1913-2 SEP 1953)
Wood, Alice (WFT Est. 1876-1895-WFT Est. 1911-1980)
WOOD, Arthur W. (-)
Wood, Carl G. (WFT Est. 1868-1900-WFT Est. 1909-1980)
Wood, Francis Owen (WFT Est. 1778-1798-WFT Est. 1813-1882)
Wood, George (WFT Est. 1830-1867-WFT Est. 1876-1947)
WOOD, Hugh (1879-)
Wood, Jackie (-)
Wood, Male (Parker) (-)
Wood, Marjory Sheehan (WFT Est. 1880-1904-WFT Est. 1926-1992)
Wood, Mary Augusta (Private-)
Wood, Mary Edna (Private-)
Wood, Mortimer (Private-)
Wood, Neva Jo (-)
Wood, Rebecca (29 NOV 1717-BEF. 1770)
Wood, Richard (-)
Wood, Roy Nelson (WFT Est. 1873-1902-WFT Est. 1927-1987)
WOOD, Samuel (-)
Wood, Stantley (1910-)
Wood, Terri (Private-)
Wood, Tillman F. I (Private-)
Wood, Tillman F. II (Private-)
Wood, Walter B. (Private-)
Woodbury, Male (Haugen) (Private-)
Woods, Beth (Private-)
Woods, Charles (WFT Est. 1858-1907-WFT Est. 1871-1983)
Woods, Child 1 (Private-)
Woods, Child 1 (Private-)
Woods, Child 2 (Private-)
Woods, Child 2 (Private-)
Woods, Child 3 (Private-)
Woods, Child 3 (Private-)
Woods, Child 4 (Private-)
Woods, Child 4 (Private-)
Woods, Christine (WFT Est. 1858-1907-ABT. 1938)
Woods, Clifford (WFT Est. 1858-1907-WFT Est. 1885-1983)
Woods, Dorothy (Private-)
Woods, Ernest E. , Jr. (WFT Est. 1896-1924-31 JAN)
Woods, Ernest E. , Sr. (-)
Woods, Frannie Ann (Private-)
Woods, Henry (Private-)
Woods, Jane Valena (WFT Est. 1834-1857-WFT Est. 1879-1945)
Woods, Lauren (Private-)
Woods, Lyle (WFT Est. 1885-1937-ABT. 1942)
Woods, Mabel (WFT Est. 1858-1907-WFT Est. 1878-1986)
Woods, Monroe (Private-)
Woods, Myrtle (WFT Est. 1858-1907-WFT Est. 1882-1986)
Woods, Sarah (1770-18 OCT 1814)
Woods, Susanna (-)
Woods, Tracy (WFT Est. 1858-1907-1931)
Woods, William (Private-)
Woods, William Clifford (WFT Est. 1826-1873-WFT Est. 1858-1950)
Woodward, Betty (Private-)
Woodward, Elizabeth M. (WFT Est. 1816-1836-WFT Est. 1851-1920)
Woodward, Lydia (1821-WFT Est. 1853-1915)
Woodward, Myrtle Young (WFT Est. 1879-1901-WFT Est. 1923-1989)
Woody, Elizabeth (1822-30 JUL 1861)
Woody, Hocking (WFT Est. 1771-1800-WFT Est. 1825-1885)
Woody, Thomas (WFT Est. 1751-1781-WFT Est. 1806-1866)
Woolsey, Nancy (WFT Est. 1828-1850-WFT Est. 1871-1939)
Work, Kathleen Louise (Private-)
Work, Male (Campbell) (Private-)
Workman, Ann (WFT Est. 1741-1771-WFT Est. 1793-1858)
Workman, Christopher Lynn (Private-)
Workman, Eva Lee (Private-)
Workman, James Everett (Private-)
Workman, Male (Todd) (WFT Est. 1801-1821-WFT Est. 1846-1907)
Worley, Clara (Private-)
Worley, M. E. (-)
Worrell, Emma (WFT Est. 1827-1850-WFT Est. 1870-1939)
Worth, Ellie (Private-)
Wortham, Male (Taliaferro) (WFT Est. 1726-1746-WFT Est. 1771-1832)
Wray, Frances (WFT Est. 1604-1629-1679)
Wray, Sir Christopher (WFT Est. 1563-1603-WFT Est. 1604-1684)
WRIGHT, Alicia Danielle (10 MAY 1969-)
WRIGHT, Andrea Lynn (10 MAR 1972-)
Wright, Annie Mary (FEB 1873-WFT Est. 1901-1967)
WRIGHT, Ava (ABT. 1950-)
Wright, Belinda Hyle (ABT. 1808-13 NOV 1873)
Wright, Cora L. (-)
Wright, Cosby Ann (ABT. 1849-WFT Est. 1871-1943)
WRIGHT, Cosby Ann (-)
WRIGHT, Daniel Clifford (11 FEB 1950-)
Wright, Dorothy (WFT Est. 1716-1739-WFT Est. 1761-1827)
Wright, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1656-1699-WFT Est. 1694-1781)
WRIGHT, Ellen Marie (5 OCT 1944-)
Wright, Gordon (1635-12 JUN 1685)
WRIGHT, Harold (-)
Wright, Heryl Wadine (4 JUL 1951-)
WRIGHT, Howard (ABT. 1926-)
Wright, Jane (WFT Est. 1843-1877-WFT Est. 1877-1958)
Wright, Jency (29 SEP 1806-WFT Est. 1807-1900)
Wright, John (ABT. 1830-WFT Est. 1861-1921)
WRIGHT, Julie Beth (4 APR 1943-)
Wright, Loren M. (ABT. 1838-WFT Est. 1870-1929)
WRIGHT, Mark Allen (19 NOV 1940-13 JUL 1949)
Wright, Matila C. (17 SEP 1864-5 APR 1895)
WRIGHT, Nola Jean (19 MAY 1947-)
Wright, Peter (1590-WFT Est. 1637-1682)
Wright, Polly Jane (2 MAY 1786-8 FEB 1833)
Wright, Rosetta (WFT Est. 1800-1824-13 APR 1849)
WRIGHT, Vanessa (27 FEB 1973-)
Wright, Wendy Jill (ABT. 1964-)
Wright, William (1776-2 FEB 1853)
WRIGHT, Zara Michelle (29 SEP 1972-)
Wrolstad, Alfred Johnsen (4 MAR 1875-8 FEB 1945)
Wrolstad, Anna Josephine (12 SEP 1881-25 MAY 1903)
Wrolstad, Barbara Ellen (Private-)
Wrolstad, Belva Ardale (Private-)
Wrolstad, Brenda Lynn (Private-)
Wrolstad, David L (Private-)
Wrolstad, Edmund (ABT. 1885-ABT. 1885)
Wrolstad, Esther Madeline (30 DEC 1896-18 DEC 1923)
Wrolstad, Eva Serina (6 APR 1871-WFT Est. 1902-1965)
Wrolstad, Evelyn Minerva (Private-)
Wrolstad, Florence Elaine (Private-)
Wrolstad, Frances M. (Private-)
Wrolstad, George Garland (23 APR 1914-3 APR 1958)
Wrolstad, Henry (15 NOV 1904-5 MAR 1976)
Wrolstad, Henry Johnsen (19 FEB 1882-11 OCT 1903)
Wrolstad, Ida Amalia (3 OCT 1868-5 SEP 1952)
Wrolstad, Irene Claretta (Private-)
Wrolstad, Irving John (11 OCT 1900-DEC 1949)
Wrolstad, James Olaves "Louis" (13 MAY 1870-1898)
Wrolstad, Jerome Henry (26 MAY 1943-14 MAR 1964)
Wrolstad, Jerome Osborne (12 NOV 1902-3 MAR 1923)
Wrolstad, Johanne (6 MAY 1880-27 MAY 1880)
Wrolstad, Johanne "Jennie" Christianson (18 JUL 1884-22 DEC 1945)
Wrolstad, John Alfred (10 DEC 1876-25 JUN 1950)
Wrolstad, John Edward (Private-)
Wrolstad, John Emery (Private-)
Wrolstad, John Emery (21 NOV 1944-21 NOV 1944)
Wrolstad, John Lorin (4 AUG 1878-24 JAN 1937)
Wrolstad, John Olsen (8 APR 1839-13 DEC 1907)
Wrolstad, John Spencer (Private-)
Wrolstad, Jorgen Andreas (20 OCT 1866-24 MAY 1877)
Wrolstad, Jorgen Olsen (28 SEP 1821-12 MAR 1865)
Wrolstad, Josephine Mathilde (19 NOV 1883-13 FEB 1907)
Wrolstad, Kenneth Scott (Private-)
Wrolstad, Lars Jorgensen (20 JAN 1843-ABT. 1902)
Wrolstad, Laura Mathilda (25 SEP 1883-26 DEC 1900)
Wrolstad, Leona (Private-)
Wrolstad, Leslye Lynn (Private-)
Wrolstad, Lyle Sylvester (13 JUL 1905-17 MAY 1965)
Wrolstad, Mabel Serena (13 SEP 1887-29 NOV 1969)
Wrolstad, Martha Martine (WFT Est. 1837-1860-WFT Est. 1882-1948)
Wrolstad, Martin Johnsen (20 NOV 1875-8 FEB 1945)
Wrolstad, Mary (11 OCT 1941-11 OCT 1941)
Wrolstad, Melbourne E. (Private-)
Wrolstad, Ole Jorgensen (13 DEC 1849-9 APR 1916)
Wrolstad, Ole Olsen (6 MAR 1810-27 JUN 1884)
Wrolstad, Osine Amalia (5 SEP 1868-16 JUL 1946)
Wrolstad, Patricia Lee (Private-)
Wrolstad, Paul Richard (Private-)
Wrolstad, Robert Erwin (6 OCT 1933-14 DEC 1965)
Wrolstad, Robert Paul (Private-)
Wrolstad, Ruby (Private-)
Wrolstad, Russell Lavern (Private-)
Wrolstad, Serene (ABT. 1886-ABT. 1897)
Wrolstad, Sharon Lee (Private-)
Wrolstad, Steven Alfred (Private-)
Wrolstad, Thomas Loren (Private-)
Wrolstad, Vernon Monroe (Private-)
Wrolstad, Viola (Private-)
Wunder, Alfred John (Private-)
Wunder, Alfred Peter (2 AUG 1892-5 MAR 1892)
Wunder, Candace Ann (Private-)
Wunder, Deborah Fay (Private-)
Wunder, Karl Bradley (Private-)
Wunder, Kurt Richard (Private-)
Wunder, Mark Sherwood (Private-)
Wunder, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Wunder, Paul David (Private-)
Wunder, Ralph Davis (Private-)
Wunder, Randall Alan (Private-)
Wunder, Rebecca Kay (Private-)
Wunder, Richard George (Private-)
WYATT, Alan Lemar (16 NOV 1957-)
WYATT, Ann (-)
WYATT, Ann (6 JUL 1951-)
Wyatt, Anna Marie "Tommie" (29 FEB 1916-)
Wyatt, Bertha Alice (BEF. 1930-)
Wyatt, Bessie Gertrude (7 OCT 1909-)
WYATT, Billie Edsel (28 FEB 1928-28 AUG 1992)
WYATT, Carlot Leburn (12 SEP 1920-)
WYATT, Charles Bryant "Tucker" (24 OCT 1905-)
Wyatt, Charles Henry (18 FEB 1876-)
WYATT, Doris Leevenia (18 APR 1923-)
WYATT, Douglass Charles (-)
WYATT, Etta (-)
WYATT, George Leonard (3 SEP 1907-)
Wyatt, Glenn Arthur , Jr. (-)
Wyatt, Glenn Arthur , Sr. (21 MAY 1897-7 SEP 1940)
WYATT, Helen (-)
Wyatt, Helen Geneva (BEF. 1925-)
WYATT, Henrietta Ann (-)
WYATT, Jean Marie (30 OCT 1959-)
WYATT, Jennifer Lynn (10 OCT 1961-)
Wyatt, John Gordon "Jack" (27 NOV 1903-)
WYATT, Katrina Diane (14 APR 1966-)
WYATT, Laquatta Joy (18 APR 1935-)
WYATT, Mary Agnes (4 APR 1912-)
Wyatt, Minnie Lulu (21 APR 1901-)
WYATT, Nettie Kate (27 NOV 1903-)
Wyatt, Nichols (WFT Est. 1605-1635-WFT Est. 1660-1721)
WYATT, Okanetta Lorene (9 JUN 1926-)
WYATT, Paul (-)
WYATT, Rex (-)
WYATT, Roy McCoy (21 JAN 1899-APR 1900)
Wyatt, Sarah (1657-1690)
Wyatt, Sharah N. (WFT Est. 1843-1864-WFT Est. 1886-1953)
WYATT, Suzan Ruth (12 JUL 1959-12 JAN 1994)
WYATT, William Gay (20 MAY 1889-27 DEC 1978)
Wyche, Bryan Edward (Private-)
Wyche, Christine Delane (Private-)
Wyche, Robert Michael (Private-)
Wyche, Robert Reems (Private-)
Wyche, Ruth Marie (Private-)
Wygle, Thomas Laine (Private-)
Wylie, Susan (WFT Est. 1838-1874-WFT Est. 1872-1954)
Wynn, Katie (1859-WFT Est. 1898-1954)
Wyre, William (-)
Wyrick, Alice F. (-)
Wythe, George (WFT Est. 1716-1753-WFT Est. 1757-1831)