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Some Nuts Just Fall From The Tree

This Is An Attempt To Display My Family Tree.
Although I am relatively new at this Family Tree stuff, I will do my best to display it as I know it. Some of the Information is from personal knowledge and other Information has been supplied to me by various sources. (Thanks - A thanks Page Soon)
Some of it may not be correct by any means, and some of it may be too correct, but I am displaying it for your viewing pleasure.
If anyone viewing this knows of the people I am displaying and has anything to add, correct, or just need to throw a monkey wrench in to the system, then go ahead and use the E-Mail link below.

Now as to the validity of the name of this page? Well I might have been pushed out of a tree and landed on my head..., but I do not know for sure if any of my relatives are or are not!
If Any Nuts Have Fallen Off Any Trees In My Family Tree, I Will Attempt To Place Them Here!


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