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What is the Tripod's Genealogy Pages Web-Ring?

The Tripod's Genealogy Pages Web-Ring is a group of Tripod site web pages, all of which have genealogical data on them in one form or another.  The goal is to share Genealogical information to any that need it.  Unlike any other genealogy ring, the only restriction placed on you is that the pages must be on Tripod. You can be a member of any other societies, Web Rings, or services that you wish!

How do I join? 

The Tripod's Genealogy Pages Web-Ring is not an exclusive club, however, since it's member's web pages deal in Genealogical data AND be on Tripod, we ask that you please follow these three simple guidelines before you apply.

Your page mustcontain information related to Genealogy, or family trees.
Your Site Must Be On Tripod. Hence the name.
You must have a site that is well maintained.
You must have a site that has NO pornography or offensive pictures or text.
It would be a good idea to add the coding as soon as possible.

To become a member of the Tripod's Genealogy Pages Web-Ring, Fill out the following form: 

What is the URL (address) of your home page?

What is the name of your Site?

Your E-mail address:

Select a Password: The password allows you to later modify your site information. Don't forget it! 

Enter up to 20 keywords that describe your site:

Please enter a short description of your site:

If you have any problems, e-mail the Tripod's Genealogy Pages Web-Ring
The above form does not allow you to fully join the ring.

After you have filled in the form above, you need to add the following html code to your site page WITHIN 10 DAYS..(roughly)

Be sure we can find the code easily, otherwise, you won't be added!!

You can choose either of these, (hmmmmmmmmm there is only one) but you must have one on your main page somewhere, or an easily visible link to it.  For those not good with HTML, the code is saved into text files, you can download and paste them onto your page.

Remember!!  You must change the _ID_'s to your site number.

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Alright.  That's done... Now what?

Well, you have to Email Me -your RingMaster, and tell me you are ready to go! I will visit your site, and if all is well, I will add you---usually the same day. If there is something wrong, I will tell you what it is and have you fix it--then add you.
If you haven't been added within 10 days, the queue will automatically remove you. So add the code as soon as you can. If you have ANY problems, Email me.


Adding someone to the ring:
Only I can add someone to the Ring. The reason is simple--I want to check your site out for compliance with the rules, and just to visit you!
If you recieve a request, simply refer the person to this site.

Editing your own site information:
If you are already part of the Tripod's Genealogy Pages Web-Ring, and need to edit your site information, enter your site ID and password below.

Site ID: 

Thanks for joining!
See you in the Ring!

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